Top 5 Ways to Use Nut Butters

5 Ways to Use Nut Butters | ButterNut of London

1. On Toast

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Thickly spread Crunchy Peanut Butter over great quality toasty bread and top with sliced banana, crunchy cacao nibs, runny honey, fruity jam, fresh berries… whatever takes your fancy.


2. Baked goods

Your favourite peanut butter based cakes, brownies and biscuits can be given an tasty twist by swapping in a more unusual nut butter. When making brownies use ABC Butter (Almonds, Brazil nuts & Cashews) for a gooey rich salty sweet chocolatey treat.  


3. Porridge/Oats

Liven up breakfast staples like porridge, overnight oats or chia pudding by mixing in some silky smooth and tropical Coconut Cardamom Cashew Butter.  


4. Smoothies

Amazing choco nut smoothies that pack a protein punch? Sounds great! Add some Cacao & Hazelnut Butter to your banana and berry smoothies to give it that rich chocolatey kick, and drink anytime you need a boost.


5. Cooking

Maple Turmeric Cashew Butter makes curries, salad dressings and marinades sing with that little bit of extra zing. Did you know turmeric is a superfood?