Ultimate Cashew Butter Bundle


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The Ultimate Cashew Butter Bundle - these 4 varieties of nut butter pay homage to the deliciously sweet and creamy cashew.  

Spread on your toast, spoon into your porridge, stir into your salad dressings or simply eat straight from the jar. Our nut butters are gorgeously filling and go with everything! Our 180g jars will give you between 13 and 15 servings.

All of ButterNut of London's nut butters are carefully crafted in small batches from the finest organic ingredients. Our nut butters are vegan and free from palm oil, refined sugar and gluten. We never use preservatives or additives.

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Bundle includes:

  • 1 x ABC Butter (Almond, Brazil & Cashew)
  • 1 x Coconut Cardamom Cashew Butter | 2* Great Taste Winner
  • 1 x Maple Turmeric Cashew Butter | 2* Great Taste Winner
  • 1 x Cacao & Hazelnut Butter

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazingly delicious

Simply the most delicious nut butter. On toast, added to porridge or a shake. Utterly luscious.

most delicious

Luxurious and smooth, with great flavours. I really enjoyed this pack.

I love these so much!

This is such a good pack, each one has a unique flavour and they all go so well for breakfast.